My First Publication

I am honored, terrified, ecstatic, nervous, pleased, proud (and so many other adjectives that seem quite incompetent to describe the strange muddle of emotions in me) to share with you the following link, which leads directly to my first ever credited publication:

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7 comments on “My First Publication

  1. Tin House? That’s incredible! And your piece was so amazing. I am so impressed with where it went at the end. Congrats and thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Good grief–well-written and just keep writing because you got IT.

  3. Alex Towler says:

    Congratulations. I’ve missed reading your blog

  4. Mr Oh says:

    Many congrats. I’m sure you’ll have your bookshelf house one day :) hope you’re enjoying Oxford. I live there myself. Have you been to Catweazle yet? Maybe you’d enjoy it…

  5. Mr Oh says:

    …and thanks for the follow! :)

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